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1898, there have been 40 or 50 cases of trichinosis reported for this country. (Practice

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ation diminish as the pia is approached. This is slightly thickened. Its

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solution. The parts to be plated act as the cathode

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peculiar relation of the doctor to the law which governs your practice or to dis-

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to locate and quarantine as quickly as possible all infested herds.

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coma ceUs. The same cells may again be caused to grow to form a

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to maintain a flame as well as to maintain the life of organisms.

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ably due to increased exposure, the disease predom-

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Hussey, R. G., Subdiaphragmatic abscess with rupture into the peritoneal

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increase of fluid in this pleural sac. The left lung lies free in the pleural

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.llllliiill witll till Ki-k listlllii. il liiori' pi Illii-t'il ilrrri'flsi- in lllfji ;ih :

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Ectopic Termination of Supernumerary Ureters, Tr. West. Sec.

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in a downward, lateral direction by ligating tribu-

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,„■ pra.'ti.'allv all of tli.' sk.'l.'tal .in.s.-l.'s, :.s xv.'ll as tin- li.-a.t, Vov tli.s

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many tuberculosis cases in the state came to their at-

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It must eiiiisi>t 111' .1 lelinivjil (if the inllui'liee tliiit |>l'e\ellts L'l\ ('"iri'lKilysis

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show a definite opacity. In none of these cases, however, is this opacity

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This culture (bovine F) was isolated with some difficulty, and so scant was

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often been found to have occurred in fatal cases of this disease.

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Since it is essential for all these determinations that the gases

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♦ O. Weber. Verh. d Niederrh. Ges., 1863, p. 171. Med. Centrals. 1836, Nr.

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s-ale, the less eon.ple.e will he r.Tovery fr.nn the paralysis pro.luee.l hy

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sulfamerizine was started and levels of approximately

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No cattle from said counties shall be moved or allowed to move, except as provided

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ings were held in Jefferson City during the last year

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wire and lead seals, provided by the Department, after which the steam Is turned Into

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out ns vnpor with the expired air. To vajHirize the water laiRe quanti-

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suit «;.s oft..,. n.v....s...I: if it XM.s ii.l.ihiti..,. i.. n.'-- fi>'s1 n.stai...... .t

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('Xi>crinicnt of taking three vessels of water, one at a moderate tempern-

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of the apartment and just at the time of the removal of the children from

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