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Adenoma of the thyroid gland is another common form of goitre. These

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once disappeared. These deviations of the wisdom tooth outwards are

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Tkeatment. — In the treatment of myxcedema the thyroid gland may be

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drawn taut and slackened alternately. These two movements are called the

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Pathology. — The gumma is as characteristic of the tertiary syphilis as

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the sake of those who have less experience." It is commenced over the

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persistent continued pyrexia with the above indications being all that is

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even in winter by those who merely want a bracing climate and the enjoy-

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stroking of the exercised part. The treatment is generally a soothing and

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by a pitch plaster, with a small quantity of pulverized nitrate of sOm

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(1) albumoses, (2) alkaloidal substances, (3) extractives, mucin, inorganic

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of life, and is often associated with periostitis. A little later, a child

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becomes swollen. In a few severe cases the swelling is large enough to

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Syphilitic fissures are met with as long, narrow, deep clefts, or as stellate

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^' The temperature of the small spring of common water adjacent to

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and in voluntary muscles such as the deltoid, the semimembranosus and

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that the belief that natives of India are comparatively immune from enteric

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served on percussing the posterior portions of the chest, after the patient

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by ventilation. In the chemical trades the principal goods manufactured

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sais considers all such cases as merely examples of gastritis, and ridicules

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work — caries — often associated with suppuration.

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The woman was a delicate negress, aged about 35 or 40 yoars. Her

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