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this alcoholic extract is evaporated there remains a smeary mass con

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A. Data for the report to the Commissioner of Health and the

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may be severe and accompanied by vomiting. The tongue is

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fusedly. At o clock he passed urine but had no motion. I left

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the appellation of phlegmasie lactee in his class of cachexiae i. e.

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the condition is so rarely detected before the death of the patient. The

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The Century Dictionary in defining technical phrases as well as individ

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and urine are normal. There is no nystagmus disorder of speech

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essay was first published in the North American Medico Chirurgical Review

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able to study the concurrent ordinary bacterial invasions.

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observe in pancreatic timiors whether any type can be differ

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affections which go by the various names of dyspepsia

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of trional or sulfonal substitute a train of real toxic

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depend partly on the greater average comfort in which such children live and

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comprehension of the succession of changes which we take to constitute

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Wednesday The Influence of Semi tropical Latitudes on

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desired. In the hyperemie stage he has had good results with

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among the well persons of the household and so be induced to take

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Differential Diagnosis. The diagnosis of lead colic has been considered

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by dark field cultures and silver impregnations. The plasma which remained

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of weight extending over a period of several months or longer. There

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cavity. Of twenty two animals used for the research two only did not

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If as he says the de.stiaiction of the semicircular

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nerves of the skin and the influence upon the collaterally

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operating authorities to appoint sixteen examiners. The College

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grain every hour and von Ziemssen morphin hypodermically in

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Hydrastine. This substance has a saline taste. Treated by alcohol

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problem which taxes to the utmost the skill and experience of the

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the diflferent tissues of the body ultimately causing death. The tubercle

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tion of hypospadias we shall attempt to prove beyond doubt

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the cases unaccompanied by bleeding from the lungs are more acutely

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period will pfesent us with a series of learned dissertations by. authors whose

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vary mucli with the species and the medium in which they

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temperature is lowered quite as much and more satis

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but even now there are some who would confine the decadence of Vaccine

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cedure coupled with the statement made above regarding the very

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