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$ent of great physical and mental energy was attacked, dur-
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two ligatures, the isthmus of the thyroid is divided. The trachea being
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culosis. TVe do not mean here that scrofulous, or tubercu-
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are to the point. Dr. Norcum gives a history of his own
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vened, which increased rapidly in severity, and attended with
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by fermenting sugar, ale-wort, raisins and yeast ; then bitter
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10-100 of acetate of pepsin, and 6 drops of hydrochloric acid
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amantadine (symmetrel)
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Prescription : The application of cold, wet towels to the abdo-
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The following delegates were chosen to the State Medical Society, which
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proper nutrition of all the component parts of the organism.
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insufferable, when from his comparatively meagre experience he attempts
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In gastric dilatation many antiseptics have been tried ; among
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cavity, it causes the usual suffering from stone of the bladder ; and
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and soon after experiences a difficulty in the use of a certain
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6 tli. The altered constitution of the blood, and the detention of
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Anatomy ; W. F. Westmoreland, M. D., Professor of Surgery ; John W.
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ing the foundation for these states of excitement and depression,
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transcendental details rather than surgical relations. He feared
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usual effect of this painful affection on the constitutional health.

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