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recovery than of the men. This may be due to the fact that "pure"

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grand council of 1,250 reduced to 380. In Florence 100,000

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capacitates a patient from will-making, (iv.) That some other forms of

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nerve-centres, combinations and series of neural acts, their relations in

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Religion might be expected to exercise considerable influence, and,

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1834, sect. 5 (2) provides that "a Secretary of State may absolutely

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1884, p. 234. — 5. Unna. Histopathologic der Hautkrankheiten, pp. 352, 353. — 6.

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Excitement or shock, either of a painful or, mora rarely, of a pleasant

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nearly all the titrimetric and colorimetric procedures for the de-

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you please, but remember sick people don't all belong to the

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periodicity of the attacks. Many patients know when an attack is due,

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were produced by neuropathic disturbances of unknown origin. This

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Several other witnesses were examined for the defense.

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recapitulate, is good in the main (for recovery from any hysterical condi-

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The clinical examination of children known to be dull and

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caused tetany are on record, and Sir W. Gowers and Letulle have each

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erythematosus the adherent crusts and morocco - like surface are a

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various occupations. The clinical character of these affections do not in

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tion ; Kussmaul, Erb, and Berger to the spinal cord, and other pathologists

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which it has retained ever since Bateman's time bears the opinion of this

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sterilize the desired portion of larger animals with cresol or iodine

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their requirements. These Rules specify the notices to be given to the

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on account of the prolonged soaking of the skin in the amniotic fluid,

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bitterly regretted. The egoistic self-feeling is invariably depressed early.

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of Mrs. Glasse — the useful compilation which has every

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Pemphigus neonatorum. — In all probability there is no specific

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be supported by a bed of newly-formed fibrous tissue. The undermined

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head should be put miracle-cures, invocation, exorcism,

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Lastly, we have to consider the group of cases depending on poisons

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My general plan of treatment in chronic cases is as follows : — After

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wrong at all, his fault is venial, it is regarded without reprobation;

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daughters, the elder of whom (Anne) became Viscountess

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hensions of evil, fears of fears, recurring besetting impulses ; or, again,

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