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two bodies can be made to move independently of one another. If
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been very disappointing. I have had several cases under
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not disappear again from the blood during its passage through the
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by depressions of varying depth. Traube and Beckman have called
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produced a slight rise of temperature, and the child was not
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of calomel. After the accurate observations of Wunderlich, we can
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ulcer may retain the circular shape of the tubercle, but it more com-
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certainty and clumsiness in executing the movements necessary for
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mia ; they may be due to the retinal vessels being diseased and
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the ethmoidal lab3rinth dominates the whole question of treat-
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inoculations were given with the result that his skin became
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hemiplegia does not occur in disease of one of the greater hemisphere?
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a remedy to kill intestinal trichinae, or remove them from the bowels.
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the carrying out of any given agricultural operation. A very
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course it must be given with discretion, and I should say that,
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given with a good result. The following day the patient
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the skin, and is accompanied by a serous exudation upon its free sur-
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consist of low vegetable organisms, whose development is chiefly due
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feet about, and pitched around, so that he frequently fell on the floor.
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ostoses, gonorrhoeal flat foot, caries, osteomyelitis, and spinal
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considered as proved that anti-sera are of no avail because
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fever would be one of the most dangerous of diseases, if those inex-
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bones, flattening of the shoulder, and prominence of the spinous
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last lumbar vertebrae. But, even without the coexistence of this
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ferments, which may have their origin in these leucocytes.
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proposed plan only on the severest cases will attain negative results
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ascribe their disease to suppressed perspiration of the feet. We can-
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Patient discharged and re-admitted to hospital at age of—
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more difficult to investigate, but analogy with other diseases,
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albenza (albendazole) pyrantel pamoate or vermox (mebendazole)
the state of the pain on regular pressure over the abdomen, and on
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venient to apply than pure tar, or than tar-ointment, and is much
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this suggestion is opposed by the great frequency of diphtheritic paral-
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of his body all yield pure cultures of staphylococcic aureus.
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might easily drift into some occupation in which undue strain
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the case of an old official, over whose head he daily poured as much as
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staphylococcus albus and aureus, and Friedlander's pneumo-
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and bathed in liquid secretion, or covered by scabs, and sometimes
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of vomiting and purging, is only exceptionally observed after the use
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different manipulations necessary for the reduction of the

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