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globules, vestiges of broken-down cells ; likewise the various crys-

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the daily use of a hot bath, of a temperature of 80 to 100 F., fol-

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The latter condition is only ascribable to increased irritability of the

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arise under certain pathological (chronic cardiac disease, etc.)

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excessive accumulation of cells, will not seem extraordinary. Never-

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In many cases psychical disturbances do not present themselves

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degree of inflammation of the integuments ; (2) the position and extent

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surface by sinuses. The child was pale and in a feeble state


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ticularly of the cceliac plexus and semilunar ganglia, and of the

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trained in the physiology of immunisation, as he is now-

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catheterized with an ill-cleansed instrument, there had developed a

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that the inflammation of the skin is a secondary occurrence. Here a

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but the colonies were rather fewer in number. A second

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cessive increase of bodily temperature induced by the infection. The

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culiar names. If the frontal, occipital, or temporal muscles, the galea

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the probability of toxins being responsible for the attacks on

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if the epidermis possess sufficient resisting power, not to give way im-

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bered later in the disease, since it is proved that, after weeks, liv-

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lateral sclerosis ; and bulbar paralysis. An atrophic change

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of ascertaining whether the maxillary antrum is alone involved,

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Hospital invited Syme to fill the vacant chair of Clinical

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stripping the prostate. These difficulties are chiefly in con-

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what we know of periostitis, it is not surprising, as Virchow aptly

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leads to the happiest results. In the present uncertain state of our

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we may readily understand that we should occasionally find abscesses

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at circumscribed spots in the brain, whose pathogeny is entirely ob-

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are the only ones susceptible of treatment. Although they usually

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We shall have more to say regarding the difference between epi-

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papillae project as red points ; it is covered with a tough, slimy mucus,

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of a whiter or grayer color ; have a round or oval shape ; are light in

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try first one food and then another, in cases presenting diffi-

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the disease occasionally appeared to remain at a stand-still, but no

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occasioned the disease. This is most difficult of accomplishment

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WE shall leave the description of a majority of the cutaneous

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course without symptoms ; but, as a rule, are at least occasionally ac-

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