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bed-sores, to wash frequently the parts liable to pressure with brandy,
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other alkaloids. Notwithstanding the very difficult solubility of the
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MIYA; Our mice here have been acutely exposed to cold with
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Its infJuence extends to the contcDtfi of the womb in pregnancy; and
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reagcncics; not only exhibiting the same remarkable fluorescence in solu-
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dooed. The stronger wines may be given in doses varying from a table-
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ters of grave experiment to Fellows of the Royal Society ;
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and the several surfaces become less sensible to ordinary impressioDS
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the ancient Oreek and lloman physicians, and was introduced into Eu-
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Tidual discovers in himself ibe least tendency to excess io these drinka
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quantity necessary to produce relief varies greatly with the violence of
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most readily to suggest what particular remedy may be best calculated
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lation, is said to have been benefited by a galvanic current directed from
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difference is of the following descending order: rectal, upper res-
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occurring during the day to supply the air, rarified by the re-
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nutritious matter for the acute stage of fever of any charac-
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subsidence of the inflammation under suitable appliances, or for the ab-
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br inhalation, its application should be watched by skilful persons, and
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ley, maize, millet, oats, rye, wheat ; next to these is the
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i*tTects of the medicine. The stupor continues for a length of time vair-
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day. Now we are come to somewhat more correct notions ;
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To the list of nervous irritations relieved by opium may be added
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debility, if the exercise be moderately increased, it will increase strength,
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odical diseases in general, or is insufficient to be materially aggravated
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duced, according to M. Duchenne, by calling the diaphragm into action,
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dangerous even than the alcoholic. But an undue perseverance in its
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and of very doubtful advantage even in the chronic ; though cases some-
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but it is not nourishing, and its digestion is difficult : oil is
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quires rest to alternate with labour. Why should the sto-
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full fruition. In this unsatisfied quest the attitude
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in consequence of the constriction of the secreting vessels,
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nerroos system generally; but is supposed to have a peculiar tendency
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In such cases, I have been disposed to ascribe the obstinacy which they
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exanthematous diseases, especially small pox, require linen
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the t«xi, insoluble in excess of muriatic acid by its peculiar molecular condition.
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life, the prey of stormy passion, and in a state of mind not
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petition which at present exists in scientific circles.
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tion, drowning, cold, and narcotic poisons; all these afford decided indi-
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