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the erection of an appropriate monument at Philadelphia."

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than those which are at present contained in our Pharmacopoeias.-:— X«o»-

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Symptomatology. — Tabes is a polymorphic degeneration ; although

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one, not perfectly conversant with the topography of the city, would

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ful courts, edged with neat piazzas, facing good prospects, as in the pri-

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of the seventh. The fact of its regular termination, as well as its regu-

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tetanus toxin on the nerve cells is afforded by Ehrlich's side chain theory

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per cent. In this connection Sir Eichard Thorne-Thorne says, " In

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chemical changes occur in the passage of these nitro compounds through

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about the bead, was hot and dry ; the bowels costive, and the tongue

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by the hops, and if the beer or ale be very thick, full-bodied, and ap-

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grew amongst the willows, and twining around them, choked them, and

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Compact osteomata are in structure identical with the hard tissue

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depressive, or worrying and irritative, has such an effect. Elquanimity

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retrogress. Many medical men, unfortunately, act on the assumption

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palpably enlarged Cheyne recommends that the surgeon should rest con-

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the 23d she had slight illness, and on the 26th, a pretty copious erup-

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of one ounce of alcohol and three, four,. or 6ve, of rose water, if there

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that air is passing in and out through the tube, remove the dilators while

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Here follow the author's observatioDs on the fifteen tebles contained

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show the great prevalence of tuberculous diseases, and the neoessity pf

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and Ear infirmary, and of attending a course of lectures on the diseases of the eye.

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They are congenital, and consist of a central cavity lined with skin

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always distinguished from each other ; for there are so many different

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and as the gastric juice at the same time tends to be abnormally acid, much

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dress to you the following remarks. Having lost my eldest son (as you

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as a dessert-spoonful of mustard in warm water. As soon as the stomach

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and returned unread, or misconstrued, are little more in point, with refer-

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backing of mountains, is the cause of the mild climate as compared with

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vous fibres, where the pressure is greatest, may be palsied, while those

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important structures. Thus in the mediastinum an infiltrating tumour

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take an active cathartic, to have anodyne fomentations to the eye, and to

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vascular engorgement of the thymus can account for such an increase in its

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by means of silver nitrate and tartaric acid mirror-makers no longer incur

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micro-organisms, which are capable of softening dentine, have alkaline

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the operation on the female ; but in answer to the inquiry, ^* is there

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Society of Observation." This should be translated and published in

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where manipulation is directly applied to stomach or intestines, the strongest

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